Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Documentaries That Explain Investment Banking

Investment banking, what is it? Well it depends who you ask: some might say it's what those people on Wall Street do, others will say it's all about greed and using other people's money to maximise bonuses, and some will say it's an essential set of services for efficient allocation of capital and an important part of the workings of the financial system. Well I'm not going to give you an answer, but I will give you 5 documentaries on investment banking that will help shed light on the industry and help you come to your own conclusion as to what investment banking is all about.

1. Investment Banking
This documentary was put together by an Australian University in conjunction with UBS, and provides a good introduction to the key roles within an investment banking organisation. While the focus is on one institution it does provide an inside perspective on investment banking.

The Wall Street Warriors series follows a variety of Wall Street professionals in a range of professions and variety of experience levels. It gives a real inside perspective on how these people live and what they do and what kind of people they are; quite an eye opener.

CNBC put together a very interesting documentary on Goldman Sachs. This documentary takes a more critical view point on investment banking, and highlights some of the conflicts of interest and moral hazard present in the industry. 

Adding further perspective, this BBC documentary shows how investment bankers, hedge fund managers and private equity investors have become 'super rich' and includes some interesting interviews and insights into how the big earners operate and the consequences of greed and success.

The final documentary rounds it off with a tell-all from a former investment banker who tells of the guts and glory of being a banker in the City of London, giving an insight into some of the excesses indulged by some in certain circles of high finance.

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