Saturday, March 13, 2010

Econ Grapher - Economic Calendar

Here's the inaugural Econ Grapher Economic Calendar. This is a new initiative to help readers stay up to date with some of the key market moving indicators. I've been picking and choosing from a number of different calendars (listed below) to distill it down to some of the main events and indicators dues out. I'll also tie in a bit of commentary around the events and how they'll play in with the overall picture, and any special insights that may come out of the mix.

Week starting Monday, 15th March, 2010:

Day Time (GMT) Code Event/Release Forecast Previous
Monday 0:01 GBP UK House Prices 6.10%
Monday 5:00 JPY Japan Consumer Confidence 39.40
Monday 10:00 EUR EU Employment -2.10%
Monday 12:30 USD Empire Manufacturing 22 24.91
Monday CNY China Foreign Direct Investment 7.80%
Tuesday 0:30 AUD RBA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday 10:00 EUR EU CPI 0.90% 0.90%
Tuesday 18:15 USD FOMC Interest Rate Decision 0.25% 0.25%
Wednesday 9:30 GBP UK Unemployment 7.90% 7.80%
Wednesday 9:30 GBP BoE Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 12:30 USD US PPI 4.90% 4.60%
Wednesday JPY Bank of Japan Interest Rate Decision 0.10%
Thursday 2:00 NZD NZ Consumer Confidence (ANZ) 123.6
Thursday 9:00 EUR EU Current Account 1.9B
Thursday 12:30 USD US CPI 2.30% 2.60%
Thursday 12:30 USD US Current Account -119.8B -108.8B
Friday 12:30 CAD Canada CPI 1.40% 1.90%
Friday 12:30 CAD Canada Retail Sales 0.50% 0.40%

On the Monetary Policy front there's the US and Japan announcing their (non) decisions, and it will be interesting to read into the tone and content of their announcements. There's also meeting minutes due from the RBA (one of the only developed nation central banks on the tightening path) and the BoE (one of the only developed nation central banks that might need to do a whole lot more!).

There's also a lot of CPI figures out so it will be an interesting week in terms of an inflation update; particularly in the US and EU. On international flows, there's China with an FDI update, and the EU and US also provide updates on their current account positions.

Overall the most interesting stuff is probably going to come out of the monetary policy announcements (so it's quite fitting that the CPI data is also out this week). Pay particular attention to what is said in these announcements, and how it differs (if at all) from previous announcements.

Stay tuned for updates during the week...

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+various statistics websites and central bank websites for verification

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  1. I've added calendar to my site. it's great!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I tend to use a couple of those sites, I like the forex factory one as it has China dates on it too. Also as a pointer - it's good to verify dates etc using the relevant statistics/central bank sites of the regions you focus on.


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