Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Website

Econ Grapher is in the process of building a new website.

To date Econ Grapher has published here and on seeking alpha, among other sites. While this blog has been very useful, Econ Grapher is somewhat lacking in that there is no homepage, no website, no depth and breadth. Thus the new site will be the primary source for articles, as well as an archive of previous publications, also there will be a listing of all graphs used - as a useful factbase and resource for those doing economic and financial market research.

Econ Grapher will look to add a range of useful features and interactivty to the new website, so please visit it and book mark it. And never fear - this blog site will continue to exist in full force and will publish every article that appears on the new Econ Grapher website.

Visit the website here: www.econgrapher.com or http://econgrapher.site1.net.nz

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  1. PS stay tuned for a new article this weekend, I've got a lot of compelling an insightful graphs to show you!


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