Friday, August 14, 2009

Welcome to the Econ Grapher blog

Hi there

You've somehow had the tremendous foresight and fortuitousness to stumble upon my blog.

Here you will find a range of economics and finance related graphs that I produce based on various whims and views on the economy. It is without borders; including the smallest to the largest economies, it is without scope limitations; including the micro'est to the macro'est, it is variable in commentary; including one-liners to treatises, above all it is insightful; it takes pains to ensure that not only is data communicated in innovative and effective ways, but that it adds to understanding the financial and economic world.

Feel free to plageurise any of the graphs - just please do link back to this blog and make sure you follow the blog!

The only name I shall answer to is Econ Grapher

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